How To Install Eclipse IDE On Ubuntu

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Eclipse Oxygen IDE on Ubuntu 18.04. Before you proceed with the Eclipse IDE installation confirm that you have Java already installed on your system.

In case you do not have Java installed yet just follow my post on how to install java on ubuntu.

Download Eclipse IDE

Go to and download the Eclipse Oxygen Installer.

Extract the downloaded package in the ~/Downloads directory by using the commands below:

Install Eclipse

At this step we are ready to start the eclipse installer, switch to the ~/Downloads directory and start the eclipse installer by running the following commands:

Select the option Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

Click on the Install button

Select Remember accepted licenses and click on the Accept button

If everything goes well you will be able to start Eclipse IDE by clicking the launch button:

Create Eclipse Shortcut Launcher

Now we will create a desktop shortcut launcher for eclipse application:

Next, copy and paste the content below into the file and save:

Replace the username rash with your own Linux account name. Save the file and exit.

You should now have an eclipse launcher under Application -> Programming -> Eclipse

Happy Coding with Eclipse 🙂

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