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Time management with Pomodoro Technique

With today’s social medias (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube …) and communication applications (gtalk, viber, whatsapp …) we are constantly distracted and interrupted by others so that we are not focuced 100% on a task or a project.  Francesco Cirillo invented a time boxing technique that he called Pomodoro Technique, which helps you to become more productive and focused on tasks.

The tools that you need for the Pomodoro Technique are a pen, a kitchen timer or pomodoro app for your smartphone and 3 sheets of paper.

The 3 sheets of paper that you’ will need are:

  • The To Do Today sheet  will contain all your tasks that you planned for today. You create a new one every day.
  • The Activity Inventory sheet   will contain an unsorted list of your upcoming tasks and goals in the near future. You use the same Activity Inventory sheet day after day. You can add new tasks or remove completed ones from it.
  • The Records sheet is where you keep the analysis that you had when using this technique. For example you can write how many times you were interrupted.

Here is how the pomodoro technique work:

  1. You start the day by planning  the most important tasks from your Activity Inventory sheet. Then you write them in a list on your To Do Today sheet. Don’t forget to prioritize your tasklist.
  2.  You wind up the timer or start your pomodoro smartphone app timer for 25 minutes. During every 25-minute timebox also called a Pomodoro you record the number of time you were interrupted.
  3. After you finish the 25 minutes you take a short break of 5 minutes. After finishing 4 Pomodoro you take a long break (usually  30 minutes).

At the end of the day you record your daily analysis and observation on the Records sheet. This sheet will contain for example the number of interruptions you had during the day and also how many pomodoro you needed to finish a specific task.

To learn more about the Pomodoro Technique I recommend the following resources:

You can make time your friend with the pomodoro technique and beat laziness and procrastination.


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